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ZOHO Books or ZOHO Invoice?

ZOHO Invoice and ZOHO Books are a couple of platforms that are popular for smaller businesses looking to manage their finances. Both are from the ZOHO suite of business tools and provide a range of features to simply help businesses manage their funds and processes better. But, you can find distinctions between the two platforms. So read below to understand some of the differences and then check out each for yourself to determine which would be a better fit for your business.

ZOHO Invoice is a computer software solution that can help organizations create, deliver, and manage invoices. It provides features such as customizable invoice templates, automatic reminders for overdue payments, as well as the power to accept payments online. ZOHO Invoice additionally integrates with other ZOHO apps, such as ZOHO CRM and ZOHO venture, to provide an end-to-end view of the company’s financial situation.

On the other hand, ZOHO Books is an accounting platform that is more comprehensive than ZOHO Invoice. In addition to invoicing, it includes features such as cost tracking, bill payments, and reporting that is financial. ZOHO Books also allows businesses to track their inventory, create purchase orders, and manage their contacts.

One of the distinctions which are could be key between ZOHO Invoice and ZOHO Books may be the level of complexity. ZOHO Invoice is made for companies that want basic invoicing functionality, while ZOHO Books is intended for companies that require more accounting that is advanced. As an example, ZOHO Books offers the ability to create and handle spending plans, while ZOHO Invoice will not.

Another huge difference could be the level of integration. ZOHO Invoice integrates with other ZOHO apps, such as ZOHO CRM and ZOHO Project, to provide a view that is complete of the business’s financial situation. ZOHO Books, on the other hand, is more of a standalone platform. It generally does not incorporate with other ZOHO apps as closely as ZOHO Invoice does.

With regards to pricing, ZOHO Invoice and ZOHO Books are both subscription based, with various pricing tiers based on the real number of users plus the features needed. ZOHO Invoice begins at around $9 per user, while ZOHO Books starts at around $19 per month per user. ZOHO does offer free trials.

To conclude, ZOHO Invoice and ZOHO Books are both very effective platforms for small businesses looking to better manage their finances and beyond. ZOHO Invoice is an excellent choice for businesses that need basic invoicing functionality, while ZOHO Books is fantastic for organizations that want more complex accounting features. We recommend taking a look at both to determine which would best fit your business needs.

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